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World’s safest

Why BC Vault has to be your
next hardware crypto wallet

Guaranteed Security

Each and every BC Vault ships pre-loaded with 1.0 BTC. If you break the encryption on it, its yours!

Free Backup

We provide you with a free, secure way to back up your crypto to the included (or any) SD card or paperQR.

Your device. Your keys.

BC Vault gives you full control of your private keys.
Encrypt, Export, Erase. Your choice.

2000+ Wallets

BC Vault One supports over 2000 concurrent wallets to be used at the same time, with all major currencies already supported.

Experts approve the BC Vault!

Secure your crypto assets today!

Get your wallet!

BC Vault in the press

One for all

BC VAULT is the only cryptocurrency hardware wallet on the market that supports sending, receiving and managing all your different funds in one application and on one device

Different wallets

BC VAULT gives you the possibility to store more than 2000 different anonymous wallets, each encrypted with a different passcode and PIN.

Support for different browsers

Firefox 52+
Chrome 50+
Opera 51+
Safari 11+
IE 11+ (all new versions)

Secure backup

Your private keys are backed up encrypted as printed QR codes or on stored on the provided (or any) Micro SD card.

Clear large display

For crypto transactions, key legibility is crucial for security, so the BC Vault has a:

2,42-inch OLED
128×64 pixel display

Multiple currency support

All major coins are already supported, with many more coming soon.

U2 factor

Two factor authentications with existing online services as Google, Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub… for more security.

Tamper evident

We provide tamper evident packaging and sell only through authorized resellers.

Safe transactions

Each initiated transaction from the desktop application has to be approved on the device itself. All transaction details can be seen clearly on the OLED for confirmation.

Hardware wallet BC Vault.
Lines of code
Security tests
Country presence
Concurrent wallets
Safest crypto hardware wallet BC Vault.

Download the application

See the definitive advantage in user experience BC Vault offers.

Application download for macOS



Application download for Windows



Application download for Linux

Can’t see devices on Linux? Click here


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