Release 2.3.0

BC Vault Application v2.3.0

v2.3.0 Changelog

Version 2.3.0 adds support for export and import of settings and custom definitions.

Updated Polkadot and Kusama blockchain to latests specifications.

Added an option to auto logout due to inactivity.

Bug fixes

Export and import of settings and custom definitions

You can now export and import your preferences, custom tokens, custom networks and View Only device. You will find new options under the “Application settings/Backup and restore” menu. When exporting your settings, you will have the option to choose which settings you want to export. You can use QR codes or a file to export and import settings. When you wish to import your settings, choose from where you want to import your data (QR code or file) then you will have the option to select which settings to import. Note: Your existing settings will be merged (custom networks and custom tokens) or overridden (settings and View only device)!

Inactivity auto log out.

Under “Application settings/Preferences” you can now enable auto log out after 1-30 minutes of inactivity. Default value is 0, which disables this feature.

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