Why Choose BC Vault

We are often asked:” Why choose BC Vault over Ledger or Trezor? 

Here are the 30 REASONS & FACTS

1.    BC Vault stores backups securely

This means that you can give your SD card or Paper QR to a friend without them being able to spend your coins; provided your passwords are long enough and cannot be guessed.

2.    No more time consuming and user-unfriendly applications 

BC Vault is fast, reliable and does everything in one single native application. Easily switch between different currencies, add new ones and update your firmware with one click.

3.    Proven security

Each BC Vault houses the private key for a Bitcoin wallet containing 1 BTC. This bounty wallet is encrypted the same way as any other BC Vault wallet. So far no-one has managed to break the encryption and take the bounty.

4.    No more online attack vectors 

Your private keys are never exposed to any other device.

5.    No more batteries and wireless connections 

BC Vault does not need to be charged before being used and is protected against wireless attacks. 

6.    No more using switching between different applications 

For different cryptocurrencies – BC Vault does the magic in one native application. 

7.    State of the art random number generation

BC Vault creates revolutionary human powered random number generation using the included accelerometer instead of a proprietary chip.

8.    BC Vault provides deep exchange integration

Allowing you to securely swap your coins without leaving the app. All exchange data is cryptographically signed by the exchange and checked on the device itself.

9. Flash memory degrades quickly, sometimes even 1 year unpowered can be catastrophic 

BC Vault uses FeRAM which has a 120 years of data retention rate.

10.  No more hammering seed words on a steel board 

BC Vault’s backup system is designed to be as quick and easy as possible for the user. 

11.  No more small display

And incomplete screen information that causes mistakes – BC Vault has a large display showing all information for confirming the transaction. Put away your magnifying glass!

12.  No more fee mistakes 

BC Vault warns you before you spend any excessive amount on a transaction.

13.  No need for more than one hardware wallet 

BC Vault offers creation of more than 2000 independent wallets in one device. One BC Vault can be securely shared by multiple people, if they set up their own wallets with unique passwords and pins.

14.  No more »Read Protection Attack« and »Seed Extraction Attack«

Like in the case of BIP 39/44 based deterministic wallets and their unfixable security issues due to legacy design – BC Vault uses NON – deterministic wallets, which means that any two wallets on the same device cannot be mathematically linked.

15.  No more fear of privacy 

With unique chip serial numbers – BC Vault contains no serial or numbers; we know nothing about you.

16.  The device is glued shut 

To make a coin thief’s job even harder. BC Vault is difficult to open without noticeable damage to the outside.

17.  BC Vault offers you transparent and seamless SegWit support.

BC Vault handles SegWit addresses like different variants of a standard addresses. One wallet on the BC Vault contains the sum of all different wallet types. The user never needs to fiddle with implementation details.

18.  No more HW wallets with successful and proven attack methods 

BC Vault according to a Forbes quote belongs to a few solutions that have had zero security incidents.

19.  No more firmware corruption 

BC Vault uses dual flash which protects the firmware even in the case of power or connection loss.

20.  BC Vault supports all ERC-20/BEP-20, BEP2, Cardano Tokens

All manageable in ONE native application.

21.  BC Vault offers Browser

Agnostic API support, even Internet Explorer 11 will work with BC Vault.

22.  Existing solutions based on the web3 library

Can effortlessly add support for BC Vault.

23.  Industry standard

U2F and Windows, Linux and OSX support.

24.  BC Vault enables you also to delete certain wallets 

That you do not want to keep on your device. This will securely erase their private keys and all traces of them in the FeRAM.

25.  What real users think of BC Vault 

BC Vault has the highest rating on TRUST PILOT for any cold wallet.

26.  BC Vault has Certificate of Conformity

And is in compliance with international safety standards: EN 60950-1 :2006 + A 1:2010 + A2:2013 + A 11 :2009 + A 12:2011.

27.  BC Vault has complete Security Assessment certificate and successfully passed:

Architecture review, Software and Hardware penetration tests and Security review.

28. BC Vault provides comfortable and secure exchange

Between different crypto currencies you hold on the device.

29. BC Vault is available in

English, German, Chinese (Mandarin) and Slovenian language.

30. BC Vault is adopted also for left hand users.

Simply turn the device around and you can use the pad with your left hand!