By Experts

“I’ve used pretty much every wallet there is on the market today, and the BC Vault has the most unique approach I’ve seen in a while. The private key storage chip itself is a FeRAM, or Ferroelectric RAM, which can store data in perfect integrity for far longer than traditional flash storage that is used on other wallets.”

- Hashoshi

“BC Vault is unlike any other crypto hardware wallet on the market right now, as it is a truly secure, easy-to-use cryptocurrency vault, which has multiple unique features, currently unavailable on other devices.”

-Crypto Casey

"BC Vault is one of the very most secure wallet with ultra secure protocols. BC Vault has literally never been hacked it stands out as a premier source for you to secure your digital assets with private keys, that are encrypted and stored in the state-of-the-art storage solution FRAM with retention of over 200 years prone to magnetic fields."

- Bitboy Crypto