Release 2.0.2

BC Vault Application v2.0.2

v2.0.2 Changelog

Version 2.0.2 brings new exchange option, allows the use of custom EVM nodes for built-in EVM currencies (ETH, Polygon…), supports sending unspent input (on Bitcoin type and Cardano networks) to different addresses and, of course, squashes all the bugs we could find.

Added exchange

We partnered up with ChangeHERO to give you even more exchange options.

Custom EVM nodes

If you don’t want to share your public wallet address with us, you can now use BC Vault application with your own (Ethereum type) blockchain nodes.

Specify return address where applicable

Bitcoin and Cardano always have to send the reminder of used inputs to some wallet address. By default, we use the sender’s wallet address (so unspent funds are returned to you), but now you can specify a different wallet address if wanted/needed.

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