We’re sorry to keep you waiting

We’re sorry to keep you waiting: an update from BC Vault Customer Care department

At BC Vault, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why we want to apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the delay in the shipments of already ordered BC Vaults in recent weeks.

We know that we are failing to meet your expectations. You have every right to be annoyed with us, and we’re very frustrated and stressed about the situation ourselves. Unfortunately, there are times when unforeseen problems occur, and a delay is inevitable. 

We have informed the community about possible delays already in March with the notice on the official BC Vault page – https://bc-vault.com/2020/03/a-note-to-our-bc-vault-community-on-covid-19/.

Despite the COVID 19 lockdown we do not want to blame the whole inventory shortage on this situation. We were additionally caught unprepared for much higher demand of our products and huge growth of orders last few months and all this has led to this delay. This is the first time we’ve ever had an inventory shortage and we will take necessary steps they do not repeat in the future.

We also want to update you on our actions and investments to improve supply – demand balance and support. 

In response to continued strong demand, we have invested in larger stock of the electronic components and parts, reengineered the whole supply chain and employed more stuff for order fulfilment.  

The added capacity is allowing us to increase our second-half BC Vault supply by triple digits compared with the first half of this year. However, sustained market growth in 2020 has outpaced our efforts and exceeded third-party forecasts. Supply remains extremely tight where we are operating with limited inventory buffers. Producers of electronic components were also heavily impacted by Covid situation and they have huge discrepancies between promised/actual delivery dates. This makes us less able to absorb the larger impact of any production variability, which we have experienced in the quarter. 

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding and assure you that it will be well worth the wait and your patience will not go overlooked. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns regarding your order and it’s status, please do not hesitate to contact us at: order@bc-vault.com.

We will continue working tirelessly to provide you with our products to support your innovation and growth. 


Team BC Vault

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