BC Vault completes security assessment by SIQ

BC Vault has successfully completed a security assessment by SIQ Ljubljana, with conformity number P249E-P001/2020, dated May 18th 2020. In it, SIQ Ljubljana confirms that BC Vault fulfills security requirements and best practices.

The security assessment of BC Vault was carried out between March 12th and May 6th and confirms that the above mentioned solution, provided by REAL security d.o.o., does not have any known security vulnerabilities as stated in the audit report No. PVIT PN101-2019 rev 1.1, dated 2020-05-06.

SIQ Ljubljana as a testing laboratory checked:

  • Architecture review
  • Software and hardware penetration test
  • Source code security review

This provides further proof to our users and customers worldwide that BC Vault is comitted to providing the crypto community with a truly safe solution, which has to date not been hacked.

For further information regarding the testing methodology and results, feel free to contact SIQ at info@siq.si.

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