BC Vault v1.4.0 Changelog

v1.4.0 is a major release containing many new features and under the hood changes.


Exchange Integration: The star of v1.4, you can now exchange crypto without leaving your BC Vault App!

This service is provided by our partners Changelly, with whom we worked closely to provide a seamless cryptographically secure exchanging experience for our customers.

Fiat Currency Overhaul: Now you can view your custom ERC20 tokens fiat value. Additionally you may notice that fiat symbols
are now used to represent their respective currencies.<br>

A copy/paste dialog is now available for text elements


A custom ChainID can now be specified for Ethereum transactions by using our API.

The Lockscreen has been updated for a fresher but familiar look. Animations should generally be smoother and more responsive in 1.4.

The device will now display more contextual information about passwords.

The following operating systems are no longer supported as of v1.4:
Mac OSX 10.10 and 10.11

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