BC Vault Review 2023: A Revolution in Cold Storage – by COINBUREAU

By Tayler McCracken |  

Here at the Coin Bureau, we are advocates of self-custody and the safe, responsible handling of crypto funds. That is one of the reasons we dedicate much of our time and research into crypto storage methods and analyzing the best hardware wallets for the most secure storage options in an attempt to help our readers safely navigate their crypto journey.

We are excited to be giving you the low down in this BC Vault review today. When the team at BC Vault first reached out, my initial thought was, “Oh, another hardware wallet… Do we really need another one?”

Yes, we do. Allow me to explain why, but first, I will set the scene so you can understand what initially excited me about the project.

As with most mornings, blurry-eyed and coffee in hand, I sift through the dozens of emails I get each day, many from crypto wallet companies wanting a review, most of which I ignore as we don’t need to review every one of the dozens of MetaMask and Ledger clones out there.

Having heard of BC Vault, but never looking into them, I thought “Alright, what are these guys up to?” About halfway through the email, a few things caught my eye:

  • Supports millions of coins & tokens– Device can support 2,000 unique wallet addresses and hundreds of chains. Impressive since this significantly outperforms industry leaders Ledger and Trezor.
  • Seedless Cold Storage– Keen to hear how this was possible (without trusting a third party). Now I was thoroughly down the rabbit hole.
  • Ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM) chip that is good for over 200 years- Let’s hope Vitalik Buterin starts making progress on his longevity research.
  • True random number generator and non-deterministic algorithms to create private keys– Devices such as Trezor, Ledger, ELLIPAL and most wallets come pre-loaded with private keys, meaning a level of trust is involved. Private keys on the BC Vault are user-generated for ultimate anonymity. 
  • Real Security– The company behind BC Vault are not your average “crypto bros.” They are a Cybersecurity firm that has been operating for over 20 years and are responsible for the cyber security of many major firms. They also host the biggest security conference in the Adriatic region. 

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