Release 2.0.6

BC Vault Application v2.0.6 v2.0.6 Changelog Version 2.0.6 brings new security features along with all the latest bug fixes and optimizations. Security features All WalletConnect connections are now checked with…

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Release 2.0.3

BC Vault Application 2.0.3 2.0.3 Changelog Version 2.0.3 is just a quick bugfix release with no new features. BC Vault Firmware v2.0.3 v2.0.3 Changelog Mandatory intermediate upgrade.

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Release 2.0.2

BC Vault Application v2.0.2 v2.0.2 Changelog Version 2.0.2 brings new exchange option, allows the use of custom EVM nodes for built-in EVM currencies (ETH, Polygon...), supports sending unspent input (on…

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Release 2.0.1

BC Vault Application v2.0.1 v2.0.1 Changelog Version 2.0.1 brings the UI scaling options and, of course, squashes all the bugs we could find. UI Scaling In by popular demand -…

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