PR: BC Vault joins forces with PARSIQ to offer secure cryptocurrency vault system

PARSIQ’s monitoring platform will monitor BC Vault wallets in real-time, with instant notifications of all transactions – the first time such transparency has been offered as part of a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

Tallinn, Estonia: Today, blockchain monitoring platform PARSIQ announced a new partnership with BC Vault, a state-of-the-art hardware wallet with industry-defining features for secure crypto storage. By commencing this partnership, and in using PARSIQ’s features, BC Vault will become first crypto hardware wallet with active blockchain monitoring abilities, providing additional security to users and ensuring transparency of transactions.

PARSIQ’s blockchain monitoring platform will give BC Vault users the ability to be notified about transactions involving crypto assets secured on their cold wallet device, without compromising their security. Notifications and additional transaction information will be provided in real-time, allowing deeper insights during the transaction process.

Dmitry Fedotov, business development director at BC Vault, commented:

BC Vault was designed to be the most comprehensive and powerful crypto vault in the world – a premium solution for crypto holders that would use the best components available in the market. Our collaboration with PARSIQ is yet another unique partnership that gives us a competitive advantage in the market, as no other cold wallet provider has the ability to provide real-time notifications and transaction analysis to their users.”

Launched in October 2018, BC Vault is among the latest, next-generation hardware wallet solutions available for cryptocurrency asset holders. BC Vault supports over 10,000 digital assets – including mainstream Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, LTC, and EOS – and allows its users to manage 2,000 individual wallets on a single cold wallet device. It boasts advanced hardware features such as gyro sensors and USB-C connectivity, as well as state-of-the-art Ferroelectric RAM. Unlike standard hardware wallets which are commonly SD-based and may only retain information for a few years before failure, BC Vault’s Ferroelectric RAM ensures data retention on its devices, for over 100 years without charge.

PARSIQ is a next-generation blockchain monitoring and compliance solution, enabling deeper insights across supported blockchains, and the transactions taking place on them. This is facilitated by Smart Triggers, PARSIQ’s innovative monitoring technology, which is powered by the specialised ParsiQL programming language.

Andre Kalinowski, co-founder of PARSIQ, commented:

By combining PARSIQ’s advanced monitoring platform with BC Vault’s exceptional hardware, we have created the ultimate system for securing and monitoring your cryptocurrency assets. With our combined capabilities, every transaction using BC Vault’s hardware wallet is monitored in real-time, and private keys are kept secure in the hardware vault for decades.”

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