BC Vault One Quick Start Guide – Video

First connect the device via USB 3.0 cable to your computer. Then remove the display protection and start shaking the device to initialize the random number generator. After the device has been initialized, you will see the initialization screen of BC Vault again. Enter the application on your desktop and click on the lock icon. Immediately after entering the application, please proceed to settings and click the “Change Global PIN” option.

That option will make sure that your device is secured via the password that you enter on the desktop and the combination that you use on the device itself. Repeat the combination twice and confirm. Make sure that you use appropriately long passwords and the combination of keys on the device itself to make encryption as strong as possible. Please remember, you have to remember the password and PIN.

Without them, there is no way to gain access to your BC Vault. After you will confirm the Global PIN and password, your device will show the display, where the progress of encryption will be displayed. Please do not disconnect the device up to the point where you see the encryption was completed. Once your Global PIN and password have been changed, use them to regain access to your BC Vault through the desktop application. Now you are ready to start using BC Vault and generating your own first wallets.


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