Safest Crypto Wallet

Why BC Vault is the best and safest crypto wallet?

Close to 3 years ago, we started a journey – to create the safest crypto wallet, The BC Vault. No matter which model of BC Vault you will choose, we make sure that every one of them is very secure. 

Every wallet is:

  • incredibly simple to use,
  • extremely secure (ZERO incidents till today),
  • fast – very fast,
  • best rated hardware wallet on TRUST PILOT with score EXCELLENT.

Do you know what’s more intriguing? Every shipped BC Vault device has a 1BTC bounty crypto wallet preloaded in it. In essence, every wallet has a private key for a wallet containing 1 BTC. If you can break it, you can be 1 BTC richer. But (un)fortunately, so far, no one has neither broken the encryption nor claimed the bounty. Ready to try?

BC Vault One is an undoubted front-runner among the hardware crypto wallets in terms of security and is a real alternative to popular devices such as Trezor and Ledger. With state-of-the-art proprietary technology and one of the most convenient applications, BC Vault is a wallet that should be considered the safest place to store crypto.

To conclude, BC Vault proves to be one of the most secure and best-performing crypto wallets. The wallet is one of the next generation hardware wallets that has an enormous advantage over traditional hardware wallets. With security becoming a bigger issue than ever, make sure to protect yourself and your crypto assets! So if you would like to purchase a BC Vault wallet, feel free to enquire below.

Make sure that your new crypto wallet will be, not only the safest wallet in the world but also the most beautiful and unique crypto wallet!