SafetyDetectives: Interview With Alen Šalamun – Founder of BC Vault

Interview by Shauli Zacks I Published on: February 1, 2024

In a recent interview with Alen Šalamun, the founder of BC Vault, SafetyDetectives delves into the motivations behind the creation of BC Vault and its unique approach to cryptocurrency security. Alen Šalamun, a key figure at Real Security since its inception in 2002, brings a wealth of IT security expertise to BC Vault. The interview explores the evolution of security challenges in the cryptocurrency industry and how BC Vault addresses them with innovative solutions. With a focus on eliminating common attack vectors, BC Vault ensures enhanced security by abandoning traditional seed words and utilizing Ferroelectric RAM for encrypted storage. The interview further highlights the pivotal role hardware wallets play in the overall security and adoption of cryptocurrencies, emphasizing BC Vault’s commitment to being a fortress for safeguarding digital assets.

– Shauli Zacks

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