BC Vault Review: The Safest Hardware Wallet to Store Crypto

The digital funds’ safeties are the key points to consider while choosing a non-custodial storage solution. Although the hardware crypto wallets’ market is fulfilled with the offers, not too many of them boast a crystal-clean reputation for the history of past hacks.

Add here the demand for the extended on-ramp functionality, and even some more players will leave the chat. The one who would be still in-game is BC Vault, which genuinely combines outstanding security level with a wide range of user-oriented options alike instant in-app swaps and crypto purchases. Let’s take a closer look at what the BC Vault device has to offer.

Technology Overview

Starting with the security, the main point that stands BC Vault One, the basic hardware device by BC Vault, out on the list of other wallets for bitcoin and other cryptos is the advanced key generation method.

Most popular crypto wallets (both hardware and software) use either BIP39 or BIP44 libraries to generate seeds, which provide end-users with an unencrypted mnemonic phrase. This could be considered as a real threat for all assets kept within the device in case of the backup leaks out or being reached by fraudsters.

BC Vault’s creators have chosen a different path. BC Vault One is equipped with a gyro sensor (RNG) that generates a separate pair of keys, giving users more anonymity, as there’s no deterministic structure used, and two addresses cannot be mathematically linked between each other. Once the new wallet is created, the keys are encrypted by default.

BC Vault wallet backup private keys

Keys Storage

BC Vault hardware wallet stores end-user’s private keys in FRAM, which differs it from most devices of similar type that rely on Flash memory. Thanks to this innovative solution, the BC Vault One gets a significant boost in processing speed and becomes literally immortal with 200+ years of expected lifetime.


As a “proof of security” demonstration, each BC Vault is preloaded with a wallet with 1 BTC balance serving as a bug bounty for someone to unlock it.

BC Vault’s state-of-the-art security approach contains five layers. The first three from the list below refer to a specific physical device, and the latter two aim to protect a specific wallet.

  • Global Password;
  • Global PIN;
  • The device itself or a backup;
  • Wallet Password;
  • Wallet PIN.

This highly secured access makes the funds practically unreachable for intruders, as they have to pass all five prevention levels to get the user’s funds. Sounds like a dead-end for any security threat.

On the other hand, this makes BC Vault very comfortable and still unconditionally secure for joint use. Say, two people might both know the Global PIN and password for their device, while their personal funds are kept safe and isolated on different individually protected wallets. By the way, each BC Vault device allows creating more than 2000 of them!


The BC Vault device is easily recognized with its big 2.42-inch OLED and 4-directional jog dial below, making the wallet a little bit like the good ol’ iPod Shuffle. The body of the device is both available in plastics and aluminum with several colors to choose from.

BC Vault safe hardware crypto wallet review

It’s easy to recognize that the wallets’ useability was at the very core for the BC Vault team when working on their device. With its wide bright display, you’ll never miss vital information like recipient address, funds, fees, and wallet name. Thus, the risk of losing your funds because of accidentally confirming the wrong transaction reduces to zero.

Apart from the device itself, the package contains a USB-C to USB cable, 1GB microSD card, and a welcome guide.

The Application

BC Vault’s infrastructure isn’t limited only by a physical device, but it also contains a native application for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The app itself supports over 163,000 coins and ERC-20 tokens available for cold storage on BC Vault device, so there’s absolutely no need to switch between different apps or using 3rd party’s software.

Additionally to the outstanding range of adopted assets, the native BC Vault application offers functionality that goes far beyond the ordinary cold storage idea. Thus, within the last year, the BC Vault team has introduced both on-ramp crypto-exchange and purchasing solutions acquired through the API by industry-leading providers like Wyre and Changelly.

BC Vault hardware wallet to buy cryptocurrency

With all these options onboard, BC Vault One becomes not only one of the most secured devices to store but a truly convenient solution to manage your multi-asset funds.


The basic BC Vault One device currently costs only €159. This perfectly secured wallet boasts all the cutting-edge technologies described above and is delivered complete with a USB cable and microSD card – everything you may need during the device use.

Those looking for some unique designs will enjoy the long list of BC Vault One modifications, that include 5+ additional positions. The crypto safekeeping fans are welcomed to choose between dark or silver aluminum modification and the recently released BC Vault Huobi Special Edition.


BC Vault One is an undoubted front-runner among the hardware crypto wallets in terms of security and is a real alternative to popular devices such as Trezor and Ledger. With state-of-the-art proprietary technology and one of the most convenient applications, BC Vault is a wallet that should be considered to store crypto.

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