Velas Network and BC VAULT joining forces

BC VAULT, manufacturer of ultra-secure crypto wallets, and Velas Network announce partnership in providing high-grade protection with staking functionality to VLX token holders.

In his statement, DIMA (Dmitry Fedotov), COO of BC VAULT said

“We are thrilled to kick-off partnership with Velas and look forward to providing guaranteed security to Velas asset holders in power combo with full chain support”.

In 1 month VLX holders will be able to purchase a limited edition VELAS branded Vaults. Secure yours by following @bc_vault and @VelasBlockchain on Twitter.

About BC Vault
BC Vault is a next-generation hardware cold wallet with unique features and built-in crypto exchange capabilities and full support of VELAS Chain.
Featuring ultra-secure protocols, BC VAULT has a proven track record with zero hack incidents.

It stands out as the ultimate solution to secure digital assets: private keys are encrypted and stored in a state of the art storage medium Ferroelectric RAM that has a retention of over 200 years prone to magnetic fields.
The device has a U2F functionality and a built-in encrypted Micro SD card backup.

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About VELAS:
Velas is an AI-operated DPoS blockchain for secure, interoperable, extremely scalable transactions and smart contracts. By implementing advanced AI technologies into the blockchain network, Velas is building a unique blockchain platform that will be able to execute up to 30,000 TPS.
Velas also develop an ecosystem that includes such products as Decentralized File Storage, Decentralized Video and Audio Streaming Services and Messenger

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