BC Vault Hidden Bounty Found!


On June 1st 2020, we revealed to the public our first ever Hidden Bounty Challenge, in which our team buried a treasure somewhere in a desert.

Multiple clues were prepared to guide adventurers to the prize. We are happy to report, our clues were too easy! By the time we published the third clue, we already received an email by a Cap’n Christopher Jack Sparrow (no relation).

The BC Vault Guerrilla Marketing team is celebrating their tremendous success and is in the progress of preparing the second adventure – will it be in the Mariana Trench, Mount Everest or on the moon? Stick around to find out.

Don’t sue us Disney.



The lucky adventurer left us this message:


Ahoy captain Alen Blackbeard Šalamun,

This be cap’n Christopher Jack Sparrow, the greatest pirate ever to sail the seven seas with a wee bit of information for ye.

Avast ye – me pillaged da booty ye buried out ’n dat god-forsaken spit o’ land called da mojave desert. turns out, not all treasure is silver ’n gold matey – sometimes, it’s aluminum ’n crypto – savvy!

Yer buried treasure is ’n me pocket now. what a fine ’n generous gentleman o’loot be ye! Shiver me timbers! Me discovered it smartly, too – ’n dat was without even a single spot o’ rum! yo ho ho!

We don’t ‘ave da key – we can’t open whatever tis we now ‘ave dat it unlocks, so what purpose will be served in our findin’ whatever needs to be unlocked, which we now ‘ave, without first havin’ found da key dat unlocks it? savvy???

We wish ye a fair wind ever ’n always,
Cap’n Christopher Jack Sparrow

Cap’n Christopher Jack Sparrow.


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