UseTheBitcoin publishes review of BC Vault One

An independent, unbiased review of our BC Vault One blockchain hardware wallet, has been published by UseTheBitcoin, which was founded in 2017 by a group of passionate crypto evangelists, and has since become one of the fastest growing publications in the industry. With a dedicated team of crypto experts, journalists, and a huge network in the industry, we bring our audience news they cannot find elsewhere, professionally researched technical analysis, unbiased reviews, and much more.

IT security experts at REAL Security Inc. have created a user-friendly cold storage device that sets new security standards for hardware wallets. The BC VAULT (short for Blockchain Vault) is the first multi-crypto wallet that enables independent generation of more than 2000 anonymous wallets and offers encrypted backups by default. Featuring a 4-way control pad and a 2.42 inch display, it makes crypto transactions easier than ever, even for the inexperienced user.


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