Release notes 1.2

Content of changes implemented in version 1.2 of BC Vault Application.

The main star of this update is our transparent and seamless Segwit support! You will find that your wallets that support Segwit (BTC,LTC,BCH…) will now display their Segwit equivalent addresses on the ‘RECEIVE’ screen. You can freely send to Segwit addresses without worrying about address types. It’s all handled transparently for you! You can receive to any type of address, but be careful because some services don’t support Segwit addresses. For those you will have to use Legacy addresses.

Improvements in 1.2.0

  • Segwit implementation
  • Improved new user experience
  • Improved detection of network disruptions.
  • Improved ethereum blockchain responsiveness
  • Some terms were changed to be more clear
  • Stability improvements, especially when sending and viewing transactions
  • A massive amount of fixes, too many to list here 🙂

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