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BC Vault Quickstart Guide

DON’T FORGET YOUR GLOBAL AND WALLET PIN+PASSWORD! Without them your BC Vault’s contents will be inaccessible! We suggest writing them down and storing them in a very secure place separate from your backups and BC Vault.

Step 1:

Plug in your BC Vault to your desktop or laptop computer.

Step 2:

Shake your BC Vault to initialize random number generator and secure it.

Step 3:

Go to Download, download and install the BC Vault application

Check for Firmware update in Settings>Firmware.

Step 4:

Once installed and running you should see a login screen. Simply login with an empty password into your BC Vault since it is not set yet.

Change your global password and PIN

Warning: If you forget the global password or PIN your BC Vault will be unusable and all your crypto wallets inaccessible. Make sure you remember them and write them down and store them in a safe place!

Step 5:

You will need to create a wallet, then transfer some funds from an exchange otherwise you will not be able to send or receive cryptocurrency.

Step 6:

You are now ready to use your BC Vault. If you have any other questions please consult our FAQ or contact support at

Step 7:

Always create fresh backups after you add new wallets! For more information, visit our FAQ.