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Multiple supported currencies

Our team believes that context-switching is frustrating for users. Having to open a separate application for different coins, where there exists no technical reason for this is, to us, suboptimal.   For this reason, BC VAULT supports the most prominent ERC-20 tokens natively, with more

Important features of BC Vault

One for all BC VAULT is the only cryptocurrency vault on the market that supports sending, receiving and checking all your different cryptocurrencies in one application and on one device. Different Vaults BC VAULT gives you the possibility to store up to 2000 different anonymous

What is BC Vault?

WHY BC VAULT? Major advantages over standard software-based wallets are: Private keys are encrypted and store in a state of the art storage medium Ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM) Immune to computer viruses and hackers that can steal from software wallets Can be actively used securely and

Universal Second Factor Authentication Support

U2F The upcoming industry standard way to add second-factor authentication to your website is supported natively by BC VAULT. The integration is seamless, simply visit a supported website, register your BC VAULT and you are secure. The next time you login you will be prompted