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Author: Samo Zavasnik

We’re sorry to keep you waiting

We’re sorry to keep you waiting: an update from BC Vault Customer Care department At BC Vault, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why we want to apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the delay in the shipments of already ordered BC Vaults in recent weeks. We know

BC Vault completes security assessment by SIQ

BC Vault has successfully completed a security assessment by SIQ Ljubljana, with conformity number P249E-P001/2020, dated May 18th 2020. In it, SIQ Ljubljana confirms that BC Vault fulfills security requirements and best practices. The security assessment of BC Vault was carried out between March 12th

BC Vault successfully completed Conformity Certificate

BC Vault has received a Certificate of Conformity at SIQ Ljubljana with ID number C223-0008/20 and is in compliance with standards: EN 60950-1 :2006 + A 1:2010 + A2:2013 + A 11 :2009 + A 12:2011 For any questions regarding this certificate, please contact our

BC Vault now supported on

We are glad to announce, that BC Vault is fully supported on portal, where you can do operations in regards to Ethereum currency and all of the ERC20 tokens. Check it out at: How to use BC Vault with Click on “Access My Wallet” Select

A Note to the BC Vault Community on COVID-19

As the world grapples with the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, our thoughts are with the people around the globe who are affected. Our community is truly a global one with buyers in almost every corner of the world. As such, we are continually monitoring current

Forbes China with BC Vault on the topic of hardware wallets

Forbes China has published an in-depth article on the topic of hardware crypto wallets, where they also interviewed our Chief Technology Officer Alen Šalamun, and Business Development Director Dmitry Fedotov. BC Vault business development director Dmitry Fedotov said: “We have a very senior team that