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Author: Alen Salamun

A deep dive into the BC Vault security model

Overview BC Vault has many different security features, all necessary to ensure the security of your private keys. This article will go in depth about why certain measures were chosen instead of others, and how it affects users’ security. We will also be listing examples

Localhost Certificates in the BC Vault Daemon

BC Vault uses a local HTTP/S proxy server called a daemon to allow third party web applications to communicate with the device. We are working with many partners that will soon provide additional services for BC Vault users. These services must be provided in a

Major Release: BC Vault Application 1.3.0

BC Vault Application v1.3.0 This is a major release containing multiple new currencies and a fresh new look. NATIVE EOS SUPPORT EOS now works natively with BC Vault, you can use most network features like staking/unstaking RAM,NET,CPU, creating accounts for others, and of course sending

BC Vault Windows 10 (1903) Compatibility Issue Notice

A compatibility issue has been discovered with the latest release of Windows 10 (1903), which requires the user to run the BC Vault application as an administrator, as the system can otherwise not access the BC Vault hardware device. We are working on a solution,

CryptoNinjas taking a look at BC Vault One

The BC VAULT is a hardware wallet that makes no compromises like competing Ledger and Trezor products. It might just be the most affordable cold storage and payment device in one – a multi-crypto wallet that will make the use of cryptocurrencies easy and storage compares BC Vault to other hardware wallets

An excerpt from the comparison: BC Vault was created because established hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger do not focus 100% on their issues. For example, Saleem Rashid posted a major Ledger security issue on his website. Bitcoin Magazine also reported an article about the Wallet.Fail demonstration . The

Release notes 1.2.2

Version 1.2.2 of BC Vault has been released, included in this release: • Custom ERC20 tokens (accessible if you turn on ‘Advanced Mode’ in the options • Improved UX for existing ERC-20 tokens • ERC-20 indicator icon And of course, plenty of bugfixes. SHA-1s: Windows:

Release notes 1.2.1

BC Vault 1.2.1 has been released. This release is accompanied by a new firmware release as per usual. Notable Features:  The web daemon included with BC Vault is now configurable and will automatically starts on install. This will allow 3rd parties to integrate BC Vault