How BC VAULT solves the danger of theft attempts and cyber attacks

Your funds are stored offline in cold storage to prevent cyber-attacks. We employ state-of-the-art encryption measures to make sure your private keys are secure. Private keys are encrypted and stored in FRAM for incredible durability and reliability. This means that, if you so choose, you could leave your BC VAULT in a safe for over 10 YEARS and (assuming no external damage) your private keys would be intact.

FRAM is a (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) chip using the ferroelectric process and silicon gate CMOS process technologies for forming the nonvolatile memory cells. FRAM adopts the Quad Serial Peripheral Interface (QSPI) which can realize a high bandwidth such as Read and Write at 54 MB/s using four bi-directional pins (Quad I/O).

The FRAM is able to retain data without using a back-up battery, as is needed for SRAM. The memory cells used in the FRAM can be used for 10^13 read/write operations per byte, which is a significant improvement over the number of read and write operations supported by Flash memory and E2PROM.

FRAM does not take long time to write data like Flash memories or E2PROM. FRAM is able to write data at a high bandwidth without any waiting time and fits perfectly into Networking, Gaming, Industrial computing, Camera, RAID controllers, etc.


  • Operating frequency : 108 MHz (Except normal READ command)
  • High endurance : 10^13 Read/Write per byte
  • Data retention : 10 years (+85°C), 95 years ( + 55°C), over 200 years ( +

Your backups are also protected, even if someone were to steal your backups they
would have to know your PIN and desktop password to unlock it. Add to that per-
wallet encryption and you can be sure your wallets will be safe!


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